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Amazon prime: Watch these stand-up comedy specials if you're up for a laughter riot

There's so much stress right now with all the anxiety about pandemic and lockdown. So, here are three Indian comedy specials that you can binge watch on Amazon prime to lighten your mood.

Kanan Gill's Keep it real- It is one of the specials that is in par with the international ones. It's damn funny, thought provoking, and unexpectedly sharply written. I completely enjoyed the episode.

Azeem Banatwala's Problems- This dude is damn witty from talking about religion to democracy, and geninely funny unlike the pretentious ones that gets preachy. If you're up for a laughter journey, then Problems is the one for you.

Anghad Singh Ranyal's Kaafi Filmy- This guy proved that comedy doesn't need to be deeply personal, meaningful or political to be memorable. His comic is super funny, and relatable as well.


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