Amrish Puri One Of The Most Versatile Actors in the Hindi Film Industry

Amrish Puri was once so prolific that no Hindi film was complete without his presence. Even in smaller roles, the versatile star cast a long shadow, surpassing the leading man at times. Much of Mogambo's allure stemmed from his famous baritone and lanky frame, which filled the screen. Puri has appeared in over 301 Hindi films since his career began in the 1970s, according to IMDB. It's no coincidence that an entire generation was raised believing he was either a sadistic villain or an evil character actor out to get you. The legendary actor is no longer alive, but he is still on the hunt for you and his strong bold voice will be always remembered by us. If he was alive today I am sure he would have been strongly cast in the majority of the films.