Anatomy of a Great Actor feat. Tom Hanks in News Of The World

Being actor is easy but being great at that might just be one of the toughest challenges known to humankind because you have to constantly find something new, be something new and in that develop the sort of conviction to be able to convince an audience of your beliefs. Tom Hanks is definately one such name that comes to mind when we speak of achieving greatness as an actor. But what credential does he possess to be an listed as one? Let's find out:

1. The Body Language

Started from The Terminal now he's here! Ok jokes apart but but if you closely analyse how Tom Hanks changes and uses his body to create a character it is simply an art in itself. Be it the military personnels in Forrest Gump or Saving Private Ryan or be it an American Police Officer in Catch Me If You Can or or a local resident in The Terminal or a newsreader in this periodic western, News Of The World, the minor changes in his walk and his gestures shows the kind of hard work this actor puts behind each of his performance making him one of the most respected in the lot.

2. The Speech Pattern

Now the way you walk and the way you talk must go hand in hand. And Tom Hanks is no rookie at that. But what sets him apart besides his perfection in a foreign accent is the amount of ease he's at whenever he's to play odd characters.

3. The Internalisation

Just as important it is on the outer equally important it is to be in sync with the inner thoughts of the character that you are portraying on screen. Likewise the emotional quotient which Tom Hanks has got hold off especially in his upcoming release News Of The World is something to applaud to a lot to learn from. One of a Kind.

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IMDB 6.8