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Anatomy of a Great Actor featuring Tabu

What does it take to be called a great actor? Ideally it would be someone that makes us believe that whatever the performer is presenting is exactly what he or she is experiencing. To achieve truthness in the moment and to stay true to the camera is when an actor becomes worthy enough to be listed as one of the greats. And in this series we will be covering one such amazing performer, Tabu.

Tabassum Fatima Hashmi, popularly known as Tabu started her journey way back as a teenager in Dev Anand's Hum Naujawan (1985). Later in 1994 she received the Filmfare Award for the best female debut for the Hindi action drama Vijaypath and since then she has constantly been on a journey of growth and evolution as an actor and as a performer. Now here are some key areas where she excels in particular.

Being Versatile

Tabu is one such actor who has never shied away from playing any sort of role that amuses her. Be it Veerender Kaur from Maachis, Mumtaz from Chandni Bar, Naina Verma from Cheeni Kum or her latest release A Suitable Boy, she always brings something new to the table. And it is this constantly evolving and rediscovering of herself as an actor that makes her a major fan favourite.

Being Convincing

Being versatile is one thing but being able to portray every single of those characters with equal amount of conviction and believability takes it totally another level of mastery as an actor to pull it off. And Tabu despite her not receiving any formal training as an actor has always delivered suc strong convincing performances. A class apart!

All in all Tabu is an actor that we all need not the one we deserve(Actually I'm not quite sure what that means, stole it from a Batman movie!) But here's to Tabu to keep entertaining us like she always has.


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