And she enters the 100 crore club! What's your fav moment or dialogue from Gangubai?

Gangubai Kathaiwadi, has finally entered the 100 core club on Thursday. The film has received a lot of positive reviews from the audience. On Thursday the movie made Rs.102.68 crore, at the domestic box office. Alia had prepared a lot for this film. She gave it her best. All the critics and haters too didn't have anything left to say. If you have watched Gangubai, you know one thing for sure that this movie is not some regular entertainment movie. It's a very intense film with a much deeper story of a prostitute who ruled  Kamathipura.

There are many scenes which did touch my heart. There is one dialogue in the film which is, "Gangubai ki kismat mein rona likha tha lekin hassi uske fitrat hai". There's just something about this line which gives me goosebumps.

Comment down below what's your favorite scene or dialogue from the movie?