Anil Kapoor is going to be a grandfather and he can't stop ghussing over Sonam

Sonam Kapoor had recently announced her pregnancy with husband Anand Ahuja. Since the announcement, we have seen Sonam very rarely making an appearance in front of the cameras.

During an interview with a leading media house, Anil Kapoor, who will become a grandfather to Sonam's baby cannot stop ghussing over Sonam. He said, "Sonam is a perfectionist in whatever she does. And I'm sure she would be a perfect mother, too. The way she has been, I've been to her London house, Delhi house and now her Mumbai house is also getting ready and it's absolutely beautiful and fabulous — she has taken the aesthetics from her mother and her grandmother, and of course her maasi. So, all the women in the house had that. And they all have been great mothers, great wives and homemakers, and I'm sure Sonam will also be just like that."