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Anime with crazy first episodes!

1. Angel Beats (2010)

Episode one of Angel Beats sinks viewers into an unexpected setting, a school that at first seems normal, except that a female student is aiming her rifle at another girl. When Otonashi, a new student, sees the situation, he prevents the sniper from taking the shot, saying that he’ll talk to the other girl. His attempts at peace fail terribly as the girl, nicknamed Angel, impales and kills him. What a start!

2. Attack on Titan (2013)

When the series first appeared on screens, it was a never-seen kind of thing. Funny–looking yet ferocious giants that were inspired by works not familiar to most viewers. The graphic nature of the “battle,” the artistic choices, the historical setting, the way faces are drawn made episode one of Attack on Titan a spectacle.

3. Cross Game (2009)

Episode one of Cross Game has an overlying theme of death and grieving. This delivers a mighty blow in the very first episode of the series. Ko, an elementary school student with a talent for baseball, is adored by family and friends. Wakaba on the other hand is an athletic swimmer. The series immediately sets the two as the main couple. That is until Wakaba drowns while trying to save a younger girl. Ko silently processes the news at end of the episode. And this sets the stage for the entire plot of the series.

4. The Promised Neverland (2019)

The opening episode of The Promised Neverland left everyone amazed. The episode delivers chilling details. Emma and Norman, leaders in the household of kids, sneak out of their home to return a stuffed animal to six-year-old Conny, who has been adopted only to find out that he is dead. It’s spooky and dreadful and elicits a nice jump or two.


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