Anime Type: Shoujo

The word shoujo or shojo means "girl" and shoujo anime is an anime specifically targeted at a young female audience. This essentially involves that certain mix of fantasy, romance, humor, strong emotional material, key/slice of life narrative, very beautiful characters, and far less aggressive than in a regular shonen (boy's) anime is involved. The most famous and influential drawings of Shoujo characters come from the beginning of the 20th century, where boys and girls with wide eyes were portrayed alike. A demographic marketed at boys and young men, Shoujo is the parallel to Shounen.

As part of the primary plot, Shoujo anime will usually feature romance. An infinite amount of shoujo anime and manga revolving around high school romances are now on the web. Including themes including such "true love" or "love will always be at your side." the love stories in shoujo anime tend to be more ambitious in character. Compared with some others, Shoujo aims to be a more light - hearted genre.

Most are exciting and full doki doki moments.