Another American collab for BTS with Snoop Dog; Will the debate on "BTS is Westernizing" surface again?

ARMYs woke up to great news today as 17 times Grammy-nominated musician, Snoop dog has finally confirmed the rumours of an upcoming collaboration with the K-pop sensation BTS. You may remember that in January Snoop Dog had first revealed that BTS has approached the rapper and singer for a collab, well now that it's officially confirmed, there are ARMYs who are thrilled. However, it will not take much time before this debate will begin again that "BTS is Westernizing".

BTS' recent previous tracks have been in English entirely which made many fans question this sudden language shift of BTS. Not only that, many claimed that BTS is westernizing too much and is losing its essence since they are mainly promoting its work in America and are doing concerts in America. Now that another American collab is on the way, don't you think the same debate will surface again?

Do you also think these American collabs are making BTS "too Westernized"?