Another emerging star Kim Seon-ho is caught up in a controversy. Should actors' personal lives be separated from professional lives?

Kim Seon-ho, the star of "Hometown Cha Cha Cha", has apologized after 3 days since the controversy sparked. He accepted his behaviour towards his ex-girlfriend and in his statement, he expressed his regret saying he will apologize to her ex-girlfriend if and when he will get the opportunity.

This is another controversy of this year revolving around an emerging star after Seo Yea-ji and Kim Jung-hyun's scandal as well as Ji Soo's controversy, who was accused of school bullying. These actors have not only lost endorsements and dramas over these controversies but also disappointed a lot of fans.

However, what do you think, should their personal lives be separated from their professional lives?

Or, is it justifiable that their personal lives shape their professional lives?