Anti Aging Facial Oil with potent Ayurvedic Ingredients

How important is a potent anti aging formulation in your regime? @thetribeconcepts launched its Collagen Boosting Shilajitadi Thailam a month back and I have been using it since then and feel that am now ready to share my first impressions. Contains some real potent anti aging ingredients popular in Ayurveda and with decades of proven efficacy to back its claims. Himalayan Shilajit is rich in Fulvic Acid and is known accelerate cell regeneration. Indian Ginseng promotes natural skin oils to make the skin appear more supple and youthful. Saffron is known for its skin brightening and anti pigmentation benefits. This is a formulation aiming towards targetted aging skin concerns but one month is too less to notice any remarkable difference in the skin in terms of addressing superficial signs of aging. It is of average viscosity and relatively lightweight for a herbal oil. For acne prone skin, it is recommended that one keeps it on for 30 minutes before washing it off but I have been comfortably using it overnight coz it hasnt caused any breakouts for me. I do notice that my skin feels softer and well moisturized. I do not have very prominent aging signs but in the past few days, my skin is feeling a tad more supple. I am hoping that in a few more months with consistent use, I see a relative difference in my laugh lines. Do remember that there is a limitation to the extent of anti aging benefits that a topical application can ensure. Consistency and patience though is mandatory and I dont expect to see results overnight. Has a distinct fragrance of Shilajit which isnt the most pleasant but yeap hold your breath and massage the oil in coz the benefits are multitude. Relatively pretty expensive but again the ingredients are of premium quality and are very expensive to procure. Will be revisiting this review after few more months again. My code DIVYASINGH facilitates 10% discount on brand website. Is there an anti aging facial oil that you swear by? Follow the below mentioned link to my Instagram page for detailed beauty product reviews