Anurag Kashyap Should again pick the idea of turning DOGA into a Bollywood drama?

You might be aware that Anurag Kashyap was working on a superhero movie on Doga.

Doga is a kind of Punisher from Marvel so his portrayal would not be that hard. Not much CGI will be needed which Bollywood trails much. But most important needed is a strong physique actor with great skills. Also, the story of Doga is not that much sci-fi. As long as Bollywood doesn't mix it up with typical masala, it could be a success. Then Super commando Dhruv can be used too. He is much like Batman minus high tech gadgets. SCD rather uses items from surrounding to beat people. An athletic actor can portray him. You need a strong story. I think of the comics Alchemist in which he was forced to think whether he should have an alter ego or not. Other superheroes like Nagraj, Parmanu, and Bhediya are tough FOR Bollywood. They would require high-quality CGI that Bollywood really sucks on. Even the south movie Bahubali which was said to have max fund spent on CGI sucked. I have not read much of Tiranga but he is just a detective with excellent skills and patriotism. He is a candidate too. Nowadays seeing the success of comics based Hollywood movies might inspire some directors from India to analyze Indian comics. But making a comic movie is a big step. Also, the tech Bollywood uses is behind Hollywood. Budget issues are too. Also, the very need for an item song in each Bollywood movie is a hindrance too. As long as Bollywood keeps these in mind a comics movie is not going to succeed. Hope for the best, someday we will be seeing SCD or Doga or any other on the big screen. Then we can say to Hollywood, that we have heroes too. One thing - if and only if Bollywood dares to make comics movies provided CGI acting techniques are at best, the NAGAYANA series is a very good choice.