Is Anushka Sharma famous only because of Virat Kohli?

Both these stars are at the top of their career at the moment. While every director wants to work with Anushka these days, we can't imagine an Indian cricket team without Virat Kohli. So it is very difficult to compare the stardom of these two. But if we get a poll on this question, Virat will surpass Anushka by a lot of votes. It will not be because people like him more than Anushka, it will be mainly because he is an international star, unlike Anushka who is famous in India and maybe in some other countries where Bollywood movies are watched. If we only talk about India, then also Virat would come first because Cricket is a religion in India and people from every class, age, gender, and section watch it while the latest Bollywood movies are youth-oriented, so mostly youths(some other sections as well) watch Anushka and would appreciate her work. I am making this point on personal experience, as my grandfather who is 60 years old doesn't have any idea who Anushka is but he knows Virat very well. So should we say that Anushka is only famous because of Virat?

But again, I don't think Anushka is famous because of Virat. She has created her own life on her own terms.

What do you guys think?