Anushka Shetty

I feel Anushka Shetty is highly underrated and deserves a nation wide fame. Many got to know her because of her role Devasena but she more than it.She is the actress in South with zero haters and considered as most sweetest person ever. The South lady superstar in 2009 broke many male lead actors records with her movie Arundhati. She is the best and most versatile actress like she can do roles like Arundhati billa bhaagmatie and even comedy and glamorous role and she can dare to do a bold role like Saroja in vedam and even take risk by doing size zero. She even did a biopic of rani rudhramdevi and I wonder why it is never acknowledged. And I felt her cameo in sye raa as Jhansi ki Rani looked more powerful than Kangana in Manikarnika and she is being in industry from past about 15yrs and I wonder why she is not even offered a single bollywood film and when it comes to devesana I clearly can\"t understand why she didn\"t receive even filmfare and when Bahubali got Prabhas national wide recognition then why didn\"t Devasena give her that. She can carry a film on her shoulder single handedly better than our budda heroes and can fight better with a sword gracefully than salmans no logic fights in Radhe and I feel she should be offered Sita ma role and she would definitely pull it off amazingly Do comment your opinion guys