Are actresses settling for families rather than making career moves after a while?

We all were brought to the news of Neha Dupia's second pregnancy yesterday! She took to her social media and announced the adorable news of baby number two on its way. It is surely an amazing news for the couple! A lot of people are questioning about her return to movies and shows. Her last big presence was on the reality show Roadies, which I believe she also has future plans for. But what about the big screen? She seems pretty happy with whatever she currently has on her plate and is concentrating on her family. Many actresses like Kareena did return to working after having babies but this is apparently not the case for Neha! Though she does appear in other gigs like talk shows and interviews, it can be said she isn't focusing on acting any time sooner. It could also be because of the projects she has been offered. Whatever maybe the exact reason, do you think this is the right move for her and her Bollywood journey? Should actresses only focus on one thing at a time? Family or movies?