Are Award Functions Really Rigged ?

It’s been speculated often enough. Some of them did dare to speak about it while others, still choose to be tight lipped about the same. Mega star Amitabh Bachchan once wrote his grief about the award functions : “Sat with Abhishek and caught ‘Guru’ on Doordarshan, and still filled with pride on his performance, the film and its making. Not a single award came his way for ‘Guru’. I console him by saying not a single award came my way for ‘Deewar’, nor to Dilip Kumar for ‘Gunga Jamuna’, which to me has been his best ever….”

In a candid chat with the media on the sidelines of the International Film Festival of India, Abhay Deol was once quoted saying: “Talk to any actor ‘off record’ and he will tell you, you either go because your winning an award or you go because you’re getting paid, otherwise you don’t go.”

Over a decade ago, Aamir Khan was one of the first few actors who spoke up against the practice. A disgruntled Aamir has refused to attend any award function ever since.

Actor Ajay Devgn has mastered the craft of acting in parallel cinema on one hand, and rolling out Rs 100-crore masala films on the other. And, he has also mastered the art of avoiding film award functions. He revealed, “I feel all awards in India are rigged. You know how the business operates, it’s a money making thing.”