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Are Bollywood stars over-hyping the Maldives glow?

There's nothing new in the fact that the bollywood stars are traveling and vacationing even in the return of the COVID pandemic. They seem to be unfazed and unbothered by the fact that the cases are increasing yet again, day by day and they should rather be at their homes, staying safe rather than vacationing in Maldives. Ever since the offset of 2020 in November when the COVID curve started flattening, the stars have been seen taking off from their homes and straight to the the hottest vacation spot in the town, to the Maldives where pictures are pretty and the sunsets are prettier. From Janhvi Kapoor to Tara Sutaria to Alia Bhatt, everyone has been to the Maldives during the pandemic and most of them have even gotten sick with the virus after returning to Mumbai. Does this show a lot of carelessness from the stars end or do you think they really had a hectic life during the pandemic simply quarantining in their homes which is also what the majority of the planet has been doing. It is crazy that people with so much face value, who have been urging us all via various ads and shoots to stay at home do not abide by that themselves when they know that people actually watch them and consider them an "inspiration". Do you think the stars and starkids should be a tad bit more responsible or are they just entitled? Let us know in the comments below?

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