BTS used to be my ult bias group. I was so impressed with the lyricism, music production and quality of music that they put out. But from the time they went global, their song quality has gone down, especially their English songs. They went from Blackswan, a top tier masterpiece to Dynamite a funky cliche song. Their journey just seems downhill and ARMY hyping them up feels very immature.


I agree that music is subjective but was Permission to dance anywhere near Blackswan or Life goes on? All their English songs are very vapid and vain sounding like we hot, we poppin kinda stuff. It is not wrong perse when done artfully as their Micdrop, but this is just hollow. Their English pronunciation is not good and the autotune, God, I really hope that Bighit will just stop overdoing it.


Permission To dance was just not it. Ed Sheeran Lyrics are just very cliched. I want the old BTS back. And I am not the only one with this opinion, others also have said it,


"PTD sounds like what I thought BTS music was before I ever actually listened to any of it”- writes one fan.


 "I used to be really into BTS but ever since their latest album I slowly started to lose interest. The English songs are just so underwhelming and I really miss their deeper and more sombre songs, I just miss their Korean songs in general. I really hope they come out with something good (in Korean preferably) so that I can still say I enjoy them. I really do think they are getting influenced by western society and I hope they find their sense soon."- writes another one.


What is your opinion about their new singles?