Are Chetan Bhagat novels really that bad?

I loved 2 states, I liked the feeling of falling in love and the way Chetan Bhagat has portrayed it, oh sure I can fall in love with the characters 100 times! Ananya and Krish are my dream couple and sure, Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor have tailored the scenes so well that I couldn't actually make out if it was a movie or an actual film. But why do so many people hate him?

In India, we have an abundance of critics and a dearth of creators. The number of us who would criticise our Olympics team is far more than the number of us who can play any of those sports. Overrated is among the most overrated words in our vocabulary.

A large chunk of Chetan Bhagat's criticism falls in this bucket. Sure, he is no Shakespeare or Kalidasa, not even RK Narayan. However, he belongs to a different genre and writes books for an audience who would read a Sidney Sheldon or watch a Bollywood melodrama. He created a category himself — pop fiction in Indian English.

The category he created would have used his novels in simple English set in Indian conditions to get more familiar with English reading eventually reading more complicated works. He is able to create works that are read by millions. If you think your standards are higher read Virginia Woolf, James Joyce or the Upanishads.

Hatred is usually an emotion of a non-creator. Fill the gap there are way too few creators, way too few good authors, way too few good products, and way too few good athletes in our country. Endless criticism doesn't help. Chetan Bhagat is filling the gap and maybe you could fill it even better.