Are dating rumours of BTS' V and BLACKPINK' Jennie true?

Both V and Jennie have been a hot topic of the town, as an alleged photo of them is circulating over the internet. A lot of articles have been released regarding this, to which BLACKPINK's agency 'YG Entertainment' responded with a hesitant answer. But BTS's agency HYBE has still chosen to remain silent. Why so?

According to the original poster, the photo was taken in Jeju Island. The two people look a lot like V and Jennie. However, many fans claim that the photo is from the variety show "In the Soop" and J-Hope's photo is edited into Jennie.

But that theory didn't help because the clothes that V and J-Hope wore in "In the Soop" is not even the same as in this viral photo. Also, the woman in this photo is rumoured to be wearing the sunglasses Jennie models for.

BLACKPINK's agency YG Entertainment has released the statement saying "We have nothing to say. We will inform you if we have a different response to share".

In the past, HYBE has quickly responded to dating rumours of BTS Jungkook, RM and even V. However, this time they're silent. Some think it's better to respond to avoid further confusion among fans and non-fans. While others think it's not necessary to respond regarding dating rumours.

What are your thoughts? Should HYBE be giving the silent treatment? Are the dating rumours even real? Or are the rumours actually true because the agencies aren't responding properly?