Are HyunA and E DAWN changing the dating culture in the K-Pop industry?

Hyuna and Dawn are popular K-Pop idol who were criticised for publicly dating. I absolutely adore and appreciate the couple because they took the difficult decision of sharing their love with the world when their agency prohibited them to do so. The fact that they made their relationship public because of which they were fired from their former agency and then both of them decided to join P Nation so that they can be open with their fans wa praise-worthy.


Dating is such a taboo topic in KPOP and its high time that it changes. One of the main reasons that celebrities have to hide their relationships is because of their toxic fans. As soon as the news about a celebrity dating starts going around, their fans are quick to attack and bully death threats.


Would it matter to you if your bias gets in a public relationship? I personally won't care cuz I love them because of their music and personalities, not because they are single. What do you think? Shouldn't the dating culture in K-Pop industry change soon?