Are MAMAMOO’s WheeIn and HwaSa being pressured to renew their contracts?!

Mamamoo was on the verge of disbandment as their contracts expired this year. MAMAMOO debuted in 2014 and 2021 marks their 7th year into their careers. Their agency, RBW Entertainment decided to officially release a statement to the press to prevent rumors from going around. RBW has clarified that Solar and Moonbyul have already completed renewals while Hwasa and Wheein are positively discussing their opinions with the company. Why did RBW let out the information regarding Solar and Moonbyul renewal! It wasn't needed! It is extremely clear the agency wants to hurry up the process and not lose on to big artists, Hwasa and Wheein. The girls definitely have the upper hand in this negotiation process and I believe all 4 might renew at least for the 1st renewal period, which tends to be for 2 years.The 2nd renewal might be a little tedious since some members may want to run their own agency..