Are OTT platforms a boon or a bane?

The OTT space has been on a rise for the past few years and very rightly so. OTT has been bringing up quality content in our plates and the viewers are genuinely thankful for this. Along with good content, the virtual platform has been instrumental in bringing out some genuinely good artists who have been winning our hearts. Emmy award winner ‘Delhi Crime’ has helped India to reach out to the world. The gap between a deserving artist and that ‘one big opportunity’ has reduced because of OTT and I consider all these points as a boon for us.

But where there is a boon, there is a bane. It is reported that OTT platforms have a big chunk of contribution towards the erratic lifestyle of today’s generation. In one of the cases, a guy from north India killed his girlfriend in the broad daylight. When asked why he did so, he claims he was influenced by Mirzapur.

I believe OTT platforms are a mixed bag of advantages and disadvantages. Do leave your thoughts in the comments below!