Are people giving more value to the story than the Actors in them? Sidharth Malhotra- Shershaah!

Both should actually be in balance! The storyline as well as the actors! If the story is dull and makes no sense, no matter how good the actor is, not everyone will like the movie. Same goes with the actors, if they do not perform well and look convincing in their roles the movie will not do great overall. People are enjoying and loving Shershaah but only few are complimenting to Sidharth Malhotra and even Kiara Advani. Though the verdict is out and aloud that it is one of his best performances yet, but the credits are majorly seen going to the story! Which is also fair as, the plot is great! But I believe, same amounts of credit should fall upon the actors as well, if they were able to pull it off, and in here Sidharth Malhotra did! What do you think about this?