Are Ram Gopal Varma's days in Bollywood over?

There was a point of time when RGV used to create meaningful, good content. Rangeela, Sarkar, and Satya are examples of that. Sarkar was when he reached his peak, and ever since his movies have most drawn criticism and flak. RGV jeopardised his own career due to a lot of comments and statements. This attracted negative attention to a point that he became a controversy magnet. His remarks on Sridevi were seen as offensive by Boney Kapoor, and it didn't do much to help his image.

He's still been releasing films but none seem to work. D Company, which released a few days back, was panned by critics and the audience. It has been called out for being boring whereas this was a genre that RGV used to excel in. What's worse? He dropped the trailer of "Dangerous," a film that is supposedly going to be India's first crime movie featuring lesbians. One has to only look at the poster to realise how offensive it seems. And if one has more patience to watch the trailer, it is nothing but fetishism. In fact, the only thing dangerous about the movie is the movie itself. It's a complete misrepresentation of the queer community. He's father started his own OTT platform called Spark OTT.

Doesn't it look like RGV is grasping at straws to remain relevant in the industry now?