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Are Ram Prasad Ki Tehrvi and Pagglait two sides of the same coin?

Seema Pahwa's Ram Prasad Ki Tehrvi has been trending on Netflix India since yesterday, which means Indian audiences are definitely loving this family drama. The film was released theatrically on 1st January 2021, but couldn't gain much profit due to the pandemic. When Netflix's Pagglait, starring Sanya Malhotra released on 26th March 2021, it received praises for its unique concept. However, Seema Pahwa mentioned in an recent interview that she felt cheated as she wasn't informed about the similarities between the two movies. According to me the two films are just two sides of the same coin. While Ram Prasad Ki Tehrvi highlights the twisted relationships in a family, Pagglait adds a bit of woman empowerment to it. Should Seema Pahwa feel cheated about the similarities? Maybe yes. The fact that both families are mourning a dear one's death and also have to repay a loan is a striking similarity between the two plots. Also both films depict the sweet and sour relationships between the family members. So how are the two films different? While Pahwa's story talks about the lonely mother, observing her selfish sons and daughters, Pagglait is about a young widow trying to define herself in this society. Which one was more impactful according to you?

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