Are "Single's Inferno" contestants Moon Se-Hoon and Shin Ji-Yeon still dating?

Netflix's dating reality show 'Single's Inferno' was a hit show in Korea and all around the world. Although it is over, many still wonder whether the couples are still together. One of the couples in the show was Moon Se-Hoon and Shin Ji-Yeon. The two had a roller coaster ride but ended up together in the show. But are they still dating?

Se-Hoon recently appeared in an interview where he talked about his perception and experiences after doing the show. The scene where Ji-Yeon ends up crying and having an emotional talk is the favorite scene of Se-Hoon. He said "I think I watched it like ten thousand times. The ice melted between us in that scene. Jiyeon was also very pretty in that scene, she was really pretty."

Then the interviewer asked "Your future wife would be watching the program. What do you think would happen?" He said he isn't worried about it but when it comes to future children he said "I would… 'Dad! Mom is there.' That could happen, right? Is this right? I'm saying everything today."

He knew he may have hinted a lot but he couldn't stop appreciating her. He described Ji-Yeon as beautiful, very worthy, and even compared to "crystal wine glass." Although there's no official statement of them dating, the evidence is making netizens happy and believe that they are in a relationship. Did you enjoy Single's Inferno? Do you ship this couple? Who was your favorite couple of the show?