Are Successful South Indian Remakes, Bollywood’s Ticket To Fame?

Bollywood’s first South Indian remake was the Dilip Kumar-starrer Ram aur Shyam which was an adaptation of The Telugu blockbuster Ramudu Bheemudu in the 1960’s. With no great development after that, the trend almost died down and the big screen was dominated by untold love stories and tales of sacrifice.

2000’s hit directorial ‘Hera Pheri’, once again brought back the trend into motion which led to a series of South Indian adapted Bollywood blockbuster hits like Hungama, Bhagam Bhag, De Dana Dan, Chup Chup Ke, Bhool Bhulaiya among many others. Since the continuous success of these films, South Indian remakes have been a direct ticket to fame in the film industry.

Taking a big leap in just a few years, this trend has alone given life to a lot of new movies and actors on the big cinema. Do you think that if a film has already tasted commercial success in one part of the industry, the chances of nation-wide success are higher? If yes, do you think successful South Indian remakes are the biggest reason behind Bollywood’s success?