Are we not Homophobic now?

Months ago... or may be a year ago. Bollywood secretly known as Hindi cinema cared to release/produce/make a movie on Same sex love. But, where does that leave us?

I know it's not fair to target the industry solely, but Bollywood is the 2nd largest (as far as i know) industry in the world and the influence it has among the people. After spending a decade or more of making jokes and mockery out of trans, gays and sucking the emotions out of them. At the end all that was necessary is just adding a hit in Ayushman's kitty in the name of same sex. They didn't even cared to cast real Homosexual actors.

The highly social, developed, evolved, open minded group of people are so chasers, hunters, scrutinizers that even the one who want to come out would stop and start to question himself. One day..... Just one day they get to know and next, you are the part of silly 5 by 5 box of stereotype of being gay on whom movies are only made to joke. For most of the people it is now turned just into an act of acting.

Cinema is not just about pleasing the audience. It's about showing harsh reality that no humour can replace. It's about telling real stories so that the person watching from somewhere to any where else. They relate, they see themselves or can find the connection or the person who's sharing the same feeling. Sorry, Bollywood but i don't feel the same. It crushes my heart to even take a glare now. Big SHAME. Bollywood is the reflection of Indian Society. It is the reflection of us. So, when are we changing ourselves.