Are you applying nail paint in the wrong method?

Nail polish may be the most important thing in nail care. We make a lot of effort to apply it properly and wait for it to dry. So what should be paid attention to while applying nail polish?

1. Clean

Before applying nail polish, wash your hands in hot water with a lanolin-free soap and dry them with a towel before applying nail polish. Use acetone to remove any dirt and oil left on your nails. It is very important to prepare your nails before applying nail polish because the floor must first be solid.

2. Pay attention to the density

To make the nail polish easier to dry and smooth, apply the first coat of color thinly. Holding the nail polish brush on your nail, apply it from the base of your nails to the ends.

3. Use a dryer

Apply a nail polish dryer over your nail polish every three days. Thus, the color of your nail polish will be vibrant and permanent for a longer time. Light color brighteners and dryers last longer. If you say you don’t have a dryer, you can alternately hold your hands at the low temperature of your hairdryer.

4. Wipe the overflowing with the cotton swab

The transparent coat you used at first and overflow to the edge will help you at this point. The dryer you last applied will also make things easier. When you are sure that your nail polish is dry, dip the acetone into the cotton swab and then wipe off any protruding parts without touching the nail.

5. Stay long from hot water for a while

We know that the shower we take after applying nail polish results in a complete disaster for the nails. Even if you are sure that it dries, deterioration may occur when the hot water touches and all your efforts are wasted.