Are you excited for the 4th Captain America movie, also the 1st without Chris Evans?

As The Falcon and The Winter Soldier series has ended, MCU is ready to develop the new Captain America, Sam Wilson's (Anthony Mackie) story further. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series writers Malcolm Spellman and Dalan Musson will be penning down the script for Captain America 4. While all are excited to see Sam's progress as the new Cap, many are still missing Chris Evans, who played the first and OG Captain America. Some reports suggested that Chris is actually working on a secret project with Marvel but both parties won't reveal any detail due to the strict policies tied with their contracts. Chances of Evans returning as Cap are pretty low, so if he has signed any secret project, he might be working on a completely different character and story. Do you think Sam Wilson's Captain America would receive similar love as Chris' Cap?