Kartik Aryan’s Dhamaka deserved a better ending!

While watching Dhamaka I was continuously wondering how the film would end. I had imagined several endings to the movie, from it being a dream Arjun had to Mr. and Mrs. Phatak reuniting with each other after facing a facade together. I had never imagined that Dhamaka would end on a note of self-destruction, suicide, and Self-Bombing. The ending didn't make sense to me as I had imagined Bollywood to be better than this. But later when I questioned myself, what would I do if I were Arjun Pathak. What would I do if I were in his shoe? Knowing that his wife passed away, the selfish molds he worked with betrayed him to save the reputation of the channel, the fact that he was declared a terrorist and an arrest warrant was released under his name, What would I do If I were Arjun Pathak. For a man who has lived a life full of greed and has always been hungry to remain in a powerful position, it can be difficult for him to look beyond situations like the one Arjun was caught in. The way he had followed the impulse over his conscious to gain power all his life, he chose to die in impulse than to fight for himself or look beyond his affected reality.