Are you unsure about your skin type?

Skin type is the same as our fingerprints. We all have them but they are unique and different. So, it is important to understand your skin type and use the products that suit your skin type. 


Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin then your skin reacts negatively to new ingredients or products that you add to your skincare routine. Your skin becomes irritated, stressed, or red.  


If you want to try out new products on your skin then try it at a one time only. Trying too many products on your skin can irritate your sensitive skin which makes it difficult to pinpoint that which product is causing a breakout or rashes on your face. Always look for formulas that are paraben-free, free of fragrance, non – irritating, sulfate detergents as these ingredients can result in itchiness and redness. 


Normal Skin

If you have normal skin then your skin doesn’t react to drastic weather changes and if you try any of the new products. Also, you don’t experience a lot of breakouts on your skin. Avoid using products or harsh soaps that contain a lot of fragrance and citrus oil. To take care of your dry skin, use a moisturizer daily.  


Dry Skin

Your skin feels tight, rough texture, and also may have visible flakes throughout the day. Exfoliating your skin is very important as it is key for a smoother texture and cell turnover.  


By removing all the dead skin cells, serums and treatments get absorbed better allowing them to be more effective. So, use a moisturizer that contains glycerin, algae, or hyaluronic acid since its ability to attract water directly delivers it to the skin cells. 


Combination Skin

You have a mix of all the above or have trouble deciphering your skin type, it’s likely a combination! For that, you have to stay away from ingredients as dry and oily skin such as alcohol-based products. The name of the game with combination skin is balance. Isolate the problems by using balancing cream or toners to even out the skin tone and also by spot treatments.