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Aren't these two Hermione's muggle sisters?

Yes guys, Amy Santiago and Monica Geller Bing are Hermione’s sisters which have been lost in different eras. These siblings have peculiar characteristics, and we love them for that. They always compete to prove their worth in this man’s world. They love organising stuff; it can be anything, even trash. They all fell for men who are not even half as smart as them but are sarcastic and brave in serious situations. They are the real protagonist of their shows and keep saving their other friends from people like The Vulture, Janice and You-know-who. In fact, Monica and Amy got married on the same day- May 15th.

I love these type A women. They are Sheroes! With Brooklyn Nine Nine’s 8th season and Friends Reunion happening soon, I can’t wait to meet Hermione’s muggle sisters again!


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