Armys won't listen a single word against BTS! Matthias Matuschik you need to keep your mouth shut!

A racism controversy is raising against BTS in Germany which is bothering the armys.

The issue happened after the night of MTV unplugged performances. Armys globally trended this issue on social media under various hashtags. The host of the German radio program 'Bayern3' blabbered racist comments to BTS for covering Coldplay's song 'Fix You'. Coldplay himself appreciated the cover of BTS and it was trending in many countries on YouTube.

However, this narrow-minded person accused that the cover is 'blasphemy' and related BTS to covid-19 demanding a vaccine against them. He also commented that he has a Korean vehicle and he is not really against Korea in particular but says that BTS deserves 20-year vacation span in North Korea. I've already lost my mind guys. I think we need to mail the German radio show about the offensive comments he made against our boys.

Racism is not an opinion dude. Spread the awareness. He needs to be taught a lesson.