ASTRO's San-ha receives backlash after his racist comments, mistake or ignorance?

Another K-pop star is under fire for passing racist comments.

ASTRO's San-ha whose video of passing some racist jokes came to the attention and received a lot of backlash from netizens. He was seen cracking some stereotypical racial jokes. Whereas some netizens were seen defending him by saying "these are just jokes", "this isn't racism", "what's even wrong with the jokes?" etc, the majority felt uncomfortable and were disappointed in him.

This isn't the first time a K-pop star is under fire for passing racist comments, but recently Aespa's Giselle was also criticized when a now private video of her, lip-syncing a racial slur became viral. There have been many incidents where K-pop stars have welcomed controversies due to their negligent comments.

However, the question is should they be held accountable for their ignorant comments or should we cut them some slack, consider these just mistakes and move on?

You can check out San-ha's video below.