Avoiding these things can make your hair healthier than they ever were

We all love lustrous and long hair but not everyone is blessed with it. Hair needs maintenance with home remedies and products just as you do it for your skin.

Sometimes, even if you eat a well-balanced diet and follow a good hair care routine, your hair still tends to get rough and you may experience hair fall and whatnot.

We sometimes knowingly or unknowingly tend to do a lot of mistakes that can cause hair problems. Knowing what mistakes you do can help you rectify the issue.

Below are the top hair mistakes to avoid if you want to maintain your beautiful mane-

1. Shampooing Daily or Frequently

People always ask me how many times should they ideally wash their hair and the answer is not more than twice a week. I wash my hair only once a week and that is because my hair is well adjusted to this routine. Using excessive shampoo or shampooing your hair daily or frequently can make your hair super dry and it can cause excess sebum secretion only to make your hair roots oilier. This will in turn facilitate dandruff and hair fall issues.         

2. Heat Styling Frequently

We all love a good hair styling session but doing it frequently isn’t a good idea. I rarely heat style my hair and I do it only when it is absolutely necessary. Heat styling can damage the top protein layer and make your hair super dry and frizzy. If you do it frequently, it will also cause hair breakage and hair fall.

3. Combing Wet Hair

Combing wet hair is a mistake I used to do too and it is the worst thing you can ever do to your hair. Your hair is at its weakest form when it is wet and combing wet hair can easily cause hair fall and hair breakage which you do not want obviously. You can use a wide-tooth comb on towel-dried hair if you absolutely must or give it a skip as well and just a finger comb like I do.

4. Blow Drying Wet Hair

Blow drying dripping wet hair is an absolute no-no! Blow-drying wet hair can take away all the moisture from your hair only to make it super dry and frizzy. The right way to blow dry is to let your hair naturally dry for at least 20 to 30 minutes and soak all the excess water from your hair using a microfiber cloth. This is when you can blow-dry.

5. Super Tight Pony Tails

I absolutely love super tight ponytails but doing it frequently can make your hair roots weaker and cause hair fall. Super tight ponytails look beautiful but doing it in a long run can affect the health of your hair and reduce the volume gradually!

6. Using Too Many Hair Products

Using too many products for styling and hair care can cause product build-up. Product buildup can also clog your hair follicles and reduce your hair growth to a great extent. Not only that but this can also make your scalp and hair a lot oilier and greasy due to excess sebum and dirt accumulation. If you are using too many hair products, firstly you need to stop doing that, and secondly, you need to use a scalp scrub to detox your hair from time to time.