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Awake - 2021 - Review

NETFLIX's new film Awake seemed like a toned down version of Bird Box , where the whole world is now insomniac. Despite brilliant performances and barring a few thrilling moments Awake lacked a gripping screenplay. A great concept but an average execution.


Story and Screenplay :

An unusual, fresh concept of a world where no one can sleep except a Lil girl. The movie is a fiction drama where a mother tries to safeguard her daughter who is being hunted as she is special. The concept had potential and the movie scratches some of those but overall the writing lacked a gripping narrative. A backstory of what went wrong could have intrigued the viewing experience. The screenplay is not very brilliant either. Has a few thrilling moments which are very good but that's it.


Performances :

Gina Rodriguez as Jill is the backbone of the film. She is bold, and her emotional range is amazing. She is fearless and has brilliantly portrayed the mother of 2 in a rare situation she faces for the first time. The kid Ariana as Matilda is outstanding, her acting seemed the best. Lucius played Noah is decent and has lots of potential. His character is not very well written.


Watch or Not?

Awake is yet another American concept that is unique but not perfect. The characters have very well acted, with a fair amount of thrilling scenes to remember but fail to get you emotionally connected even with the protagonists and that's a bummer. But the movie is watchable for its unique concept and performances.


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