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Award-winning Raya And The Last Dragon is out now; here are my favourite Disney movies

Disney has always given me a world to imagine and visualise characters that cannot be explained in the real world. And that's the best part about it, you could have your own imaginary space. I learned from Disney movies that I am no damsel in distress, I am a warrior, a saviour of my own. As per my opinion, today's generation kids do not enjoy Disney movies the way 90s kids do.

So, here are 3 of my favourite Disney movies and I am going to watch Raya And The Last Dragon today, and I will suggest you to do that too.


Moana is a young girl who sails across the sea to set for an adventure only to find out that her village is in danger and takes up on a serious quest to save her people becoming a true princess.


Frozen is a story of two sisters, two princesses one with magical snow power and the other who has no power but is full of emotions. It's a beautiful story that tells how to tame your power and do good for your own people. I have always enjoyed Frozen very much. I sometimes watch it with my sister as well.


Mulan is a warrior princess who disguised herself as a male soldier only to protect her father. Mulan is one of the bravest princesses I have ever come across. These movies have always taught something to me.

Also, Disney is covering Asian princesses, black racial princesses which gave a new spectrum to the princess world.

You can find all of these movies on Disney+ Hotstar.


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