Back when bollywood was at its peak with comedy!

So we know a lot of movies that have comedy as their main genre but are they really actually funny? Do they meet the benchmarks set by some remarkable comedy movies of the past? Here are some great comedy movies that have set high standards for this particular genre in bollywood-

Welcome - Right from the cast to the story, everything was perfect in this movie for comedy loving audience! Nana Patekar's character was so refreshing and funny that we now make memes on it. Anil Kapoor and Akshay Kumar had great comic timing as well! And Don't you just love the climax scene?

Golmaal - when we talk Bollywood and comedy how can we not mention Golmaal! It had become a saga now and we await the next sequel every year! Though Ajay Devgn is not a comic hero but this multi starer always makes our belly ache! The jokes the timing the story are always hilarious!

Housefull - I'm only talking about housefull 1 and 2 that were funny as hell. The story was a bit unrealistic but this movie did set high benchmarks for comedy in bollywood.

Dhamaal - everyone loved dhamaal! It's funny it's crazy and it's still an adorable good watch. This movie showcased the amazing work on Javed Jafri in his rememberable role! The storyline was hilarious and the cast was perfect!

Do you think we will get to see more of these kind of comedies in bollywood?