Bad Boy Turned Good: Is This Trope Harmful?

The trope of bad boy’s being ‘saved’ and taught to be nice by the female lead has been common for very long. From time immemorial, writers have written male characters whose behaviour borders toxic and would not be tolerated in real life. Korean Dramas, of course, do not exist without this trope either. Most commonly seen in shows which follow the lives of students or younger adults, the ‘bad boy’ is generally very attractive, deeply troubled and rebellious without a proper cause. This bad boy can be a second lead or first lead, and is ‘fixed’ by the arrival of the female character in his life. This feels burdensome for the female character and also supports the idea of needing to mother the boy’s as they need the help. Some common examples are: Goo Jun Pyo in Boys Over Flowers, and Choi Young Do in Heirs. What do you think about this trope?