Bala v/s Ujda Chaman: Which Do You Think was Better?

Released just a week apart, these films stirred quite the discussion. They both discussed similar themes, but differed in how they handled it. Where Bala focused on the main character’s coming to terms with himself and his condition, Ujda Chaman was a romantic-comedy which almost forgot to give attention to the actual issue - the protagonist’s social ostracisation due to his hair. There is no doubt that both these films raised other issues too, Bala showing a dark-skinned woman and Ujda Chaman featuring a character struggling with her weight. However, both films handled the secondary issues similarly by showing them to be comfortable in their own skin. There is also no doubt of the fact that both the films performed differently, possibly due to Bala being associated with a name as significant as Ayushman Khurrana. So, which one do you think was a better film? Comment down below!