BamBam of GOT7 fires at Danny Kim of DKDKTV for his insensitive comment toward GOT7's comeback

DKDKTV is a famous YouTube channel founded by two friends Danny Kim and David Kim. They started by reacting to Bollywood and K-Pop songs and gradually became a full-fledged Korean Entertainment news channel on YouTube.

They have interviewed many important figures from the industry and also got themselves into a few controversies. When GOT7 left JYP, Danny Kim was sure that they would disband and not return as seven. He even went on to comment, "I would chop off my b***s if they make a comeback." Though he apologised after GOT7 released their track "Encore" last year.

But Bambam seems to have remembered the insensitive comment made by Danny Kim. With GOT7's comeback news going viral, Bambam tweeted a clip of Danny Kim's comment with the caption "Dumbass". He later deleted the tweet and posted another tweet which reads "alr that's enough. Let's CHOP CHOP".

Though he did not mention Danny's name. The message was clear that he was firing those tweets at Danny Kim. Following this, fans have pointed out other controversial comments and videos made by DKDKTV toward other K-Pop groups which have gathered lots of hate in the past and in present.

What are your thoughts on DKDKTV?