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Bard of Blood vs The Family Man: Your Personal Pick?

When I finished watching both the shows, I could pin-point certain similarities between both of them; the stories revolve around a man, his rugged personal life and the fact that he is sent on an outdoor mission to save the nation while carrying the weight of all his personal struggles. Déjà vu much? Despite some striking similarities, the respective shows have a unique side to them as well, which brings me to my question: which show is your personal pick and why? Comment down your opinion below!

To talk about myself, my personal choice is The Family Man. I would put this show as my option simply because the show kept me wondering even after the season finale, there was a sense of unpredictability throughout all its episodes which kept me hooked on to it and there were several questions that are still unanswered. I am eagerly waiting to know what unfolds for us in season two.


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