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Beat the Monday Blues: Watch This Wonderfully Moving Film, Gifted(2017)

It's Monday yayy!! Actually, Who are we kidding!? It's yet another Monday, yet another start of the week. And the weekends have never been shorter. But don't worry cause we got you covered. So here's presenting one of the favorite heart-felt comedy dramas to get you over those troubling Monday Blues : Gifted(2017)


The movie is a beautiful story about the importance of small pleasures of the life. Frank who is fighting for the custody of his niece stands as the moral epitome of the movie who wants Mary to get to live her life the way she feels about it. And not in the way somebody else dictates.

The acting is exceptional, and you can't help but fall in love with the characters. Equally amazing is how the makers have explored the complexity of the characters, and didn't just make it black and white with clear 'heroes' and 'villains'. Nobody's perfect.

Overall its a nice roller coaster journey of emotions and other relationship based virtues in the backdrop of a heart warming screen play. Truth be told this movie doesn't require big words to define it. Just go ahead and watch it already. You will not regret.

Available on Disney + Hotstar

IMDB 7.6


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