Beauty Tips You Should know

  • After applying primer to the face you should wait upto 5 minutes then apply foundation so that primer get easily absorbed in the skin and can help in to stay makeup longer. 
  • Do not use dry beauty blender to do the makeup. First soak the blender into water then drain excess of water from it and make sure the blender is not too dry and not too wet. 
  • When we apply mascara then sometimes the eyelashes get sticks to each other and it gives artificial and patchy look. So to overcome from this problem first apply little amount of vaseline on eyelashes and then apply mascara on it. Then each and every eyelash does not stick to each other and gives natural look. 
  • If your lips looks dark and you want that the liquid lipstick shade you apply looks exactly like the color of the lipstick then first apply little amount of concealer on your lips and then apply liquid lipstick on it. It will look so perfect and wrinkle free on lips and gives exact the same color on lips as that of the lipstick shade. 
  • If your knees skin is too dry and skin breaking down and have cracks then apply vaseline on the affected areas and wear cotton shocks and keep it overnight and do this hack daily then after sometime you will see that the knees becoming soft and smooth and you can see the difference. But this hack needs patience. 
  • If you don't have primer at home, but you have to do makeup then you can also use johnson's baby cream as a primer. It gives really good touch to the skin. As it is for babies that doesn't means we can't apply it but on the other hand its very beneficial for our skin too and gives smooth skin.