Skin that glows looks and feels healthy is a sign that you are drinking an ample amount of water and are internally and externally healthy. It is definitely important to follow a healthy diet routine in order to keep your skin and hair healthy. Along with eating a nutritious diet, it is also important to use good skincare products that help maintain your natural skin glow and also keep your skin plump and hydrated. You will find a lot of commercial products that claim to give your skin a glow but not every product that you try works. Are you on the lookout for an all-natural skin glow serum? Here is a recipe for beetroot serum for a pinkish glow that I highly recommend you try out –

Things you need-

4 tablespoons commercial aloe vera gel

5-6 slices beetroot

¼ cup water

3-4 capsules vitamin E

To make the serum, you first need to slice the beetroot. Make sure that the sizes are thin and infuse them in water for about 30 minutes. Your water will become pink, this is what you need to use. In a bowl, add commercial aloe vera gel. You cannot use fresh aloe vera gel as it does not have a shelf life and it will not emulsify with other ingredients in the recipe as well. To this aloe vera gel, add vitamin E oil and mix it well until it is turbid and emulsified. Now, add in beetroot water and mix it well until it is homogeneous and lump-free. Transfer this serum to a dropper bottle and use it during the day and before bedtime. Can also be used before makeup. Store this in the refrigerator to increase its shelf life from a few days to a month.


Always patch test beforehand to make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients used in this beetroot serum recipe.

Use organic ingredients for best results.