Bell Bottom Trailer: Haven't they predicted that the third wave is coming? So why release the movie in theaters?

Just so you know, Bell Bottom is eyeing a theatrical release in both 2D and 3D on 19th of August. In Akshay Kumar's words," The pressure is there on everybody but I'm very sure that things are going to work out. There's a challenge, a risk. But if you haven't taken the risk in life, then what have you done? So w e have gone with it."

Now I think that the 'risk' that he's referring to here is making Bell Bottom a hit at the box office but there's actually a much bigger risk hovering over our heads. Doctors have predicted that the third wave of Covid-19 might hit India at August end. And with the initial response, it is likely that huge crowds are bound to gather outside of theaters, which might just make the situation worse.

Now I understand that makers have spent a large sum of their capital on this movie, but releasing a movie in theaters just seem too big a risk for all of us at this time. Your comments?