Bellbottom is expected to be released digitally on Amazon Prime, Next month

In four weeks, Bellbottom might be available on Amazon Prime Video. It was originally planned to be released two weeks after the theatrical release, but because some theatres are still negotiating the silver screen release, the digital showing may be postponed.

Bellbottom's producers and Akshay Kumar have the option of releasing the picture digitally four weeks after its theatrical debut. Vashu Bhagnani, the film's producer, planned to launch the film on OTT two weeks after its theatrical release. However, after negotiating the theatrical release and arrangements with national multiplex chains, he has eventually settled on four weeks.

The movie can be aired on Amazon Prime Video at any time after September 15, according to the agreement. The decision is now being reviewed, and a new date will be notified as soon as possible.

So, will you watch it in theatres or wait for it to come out on Amazon Prime?