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Best horror films/series to watch during lockdown; Let's Netflix and spook

If you are too bored to search for what to watch after work at night with the dinner menu, here's a list that can interest you. Because what can be better than horror stories at night? So, let's Netflix and spook away instead of chilling! Let us know your picks.


It is a series that consists of 3 seasons where real people share their horrifying stories that have happened to their friends and families. Start watching and you will surely feel the drill.


It is a movie about friendship and external entities. When one of the friends dies mysteriously, the others try to make a contact with an antique Ouija board only to find themselves trapped in a nightmare.


It doesn't have to be always about ghosts, the societal norms are enough to give you that terror. Something on this line, the movie Bulbbul portrays a story about society and its horror. One of my best watch in Bollywood movies.


It's an eerie watch because it doesn't conspire with any spirits, but how would you feel if you come across people who look exactly like you and things start to act weirdly. Scary right?

It (Chapter 1 & 2)

'It' is a story about a spooky clown who dwells on your fear. It has 2 chapters and both of them are a must-watch. No ghostly creature as such but definitely a scary clown for you. 


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